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We envision a Somalia where all children and young people with facial deformities are treated and supported to grow to their full potential. As long as there are children in our country who need our help, we’ll do whatever it takes to give them the quality care they deserve.

Welcome To Kalkaal Hospital Foundation

Kalkaal Hospital Foundation is the nonprofit, tax-exempt parent company of Kalkaal Hospital and related entities and the recipient of all charitable gifts on behalf of the hospital. The foundation and the hospital are governed by the same Board of Trustees, made up of local leaders committed to the importance of philanthropy and fulfilling the hospital’s mission.

Kalkaal Hospital Foundation is focused on developing a strong base of philanthropic support to help further Kalkaal Hospital’s mission – to meet changing healthcare needs by providing quality services, Kalkaal health-education programs, and access to care for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. The foundation also ensures that the master plan for hospital facilities and services keeps pace with Kalkaal needs and wisely invests donated assets to maximize their benefits to those served by hospital programs.

Kalkaal Hospital Foundation was born out of our medical Kalkaal’s shared dedication in August 2017 with the motive of giving our patients and Kalkaal the finest medical care possible, and the acknowledgement that our current system needs to change. KHF services and solutions promote better health and better care at lower costs.

We are building a more collaborative medical community by enhancing infrastructure and adding competencies from hospitals to physician offices to patients and the entire medical community in order advance and support integrated population management.

Who Are We?

Our Story

Kalkaal Hospital Foundation is the charitable nonprofit wing of the Kalkaal Specialty Hospital located in Mogadishu.

Urgent Cause

Medical Relief Response

The foundation organizes camps where quality health care services are provided to the community at no cost. The missions are routine, often based on the availability of resources. During our interaction with the community we often identify the immediate concern.

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