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What We Do


  • To extend into the community, medical/surgical missions bi-quarterly
  • To improve the community in health improvement using the bottom-up approach
  • To conduct appropriate and ethical fundraising that will enable the foundation conduct its programs
  • To offer skills transfer to the local
  • Community during the provision of health care
  • To offer immediate response to victims of attacks and violence within Somalia


The underprivileged and economically challenged people living in the greater Somalia. Much as we support anybody that fits our description of underprivileged and economically challenged, we so much bias most of our work for women, children and the youth.

Programs and Objects of the Foundation

Medical/Surgical Missions

The foundation organizes camps where quality health care services are provided to the community at no cost. The missions are routine, often based on the availability of resources.

Community Outreach

The foundation gets down to the grassroots to engage in improvement of health through interaction with the community and getting to know their concerns, which is later discussed in subsequent programs. This medium is also used for sensitization.

Capacity Building

For the Kalkaal Speciality Hospital; with a strong health care team, the foundation can always have a strong back up to provide the quality health care it promises the community. This involves training, and placements abroad.


The foundation involves in a vast variety of activities that can help bring funds that will further its mission and vision.

Skills Transfer

During the many medical/surgical missions organized by the foundation, it’s always the aim of the team to transfer medical and surgical skills to the locals that are involved in the mission.

Medical Relief response

The foundation has always been at the epicenter of free health care services to the victims of the unfortunate bomb blasts and violence in Somalia.